Dr Zakir Naik’s fraud exposed

While I have always been critical of his approach and conclusions, I always admired Dr Zakir Naik’s sincerity and loyalty to Muslims. I was impressed by his gigantic efforts in studying thousands of pages of scriptures and selecting verses that could be used to derive whatever crazy interpretations he has derived to prove Muhammad in all world scriptures. I always used to wonder how he could gain all the time and energy to do so despite such a busy schedule of lecturing world around!
But suddenly I came across a book “Muhammad in World Scriptures” by Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi written in 1936. And I was shocked to find that Dr Zakir Naik has done NOTHING MORE THAN simply copying-pasting from this book, mostly word-to-word and cooked up his own ‘original’ research which he uses to claim that he is an expert in ‘Comparative Religion’. This is blatant plagiarization! And that too from a source that his followers consider worse than Kafirs.
So all Dr Zakir Naik has done is copying from works of another person, memorizing those and claiming all the fame for himself! And he did this so blindly that he did not bother even see the background of the original writer or how he has backstabbed his followers in the process.
Because Maulana Adbul Haque Vidyarthi was not an ordinary Muslim.

On contrary, he belonged to a cult which almost the entire Muslim world, and especially the sects which believe in ideology of Dr Zakir Naik considers as non-Muslim. They are in fact banned in Pakistan and many other countries. Ask any Muslim scholar, and he would start hurling abuses on them for disgracing Islam and Muhammad.
Yes, I am referring to the Ahmadiyya or Qadiyani cult. Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi was a disciple of its founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed who is considered worse than a Kafir by all Muslims who are fan of Dr Zakir Naik.
The reasons why Muslims hate Ahmadiyyas and refuse to consider them as Muslims are because they hold certain beliefs that no Muslim and follower of Dr Zakir Naik would dare to agree. Some are as follows:
a. Ahmadiyyas believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a Prophet or Messenger, and this is ‘shirk’ – unpardonable sin as per Muslims
b. Ahmadiyyas believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed continued to receive new revelations
c. Ahmadiyyas believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be a Messiah
d. Ahmadiyyas believe that Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Ashoka and Guru Nanak were also Prophets
e. Ahmadiyyas believe that Kalki Avatar would also be the final Prophet
and most importantly, the founder of Ahmadiyya cult had hurled abuses and even cursed to Hell those who refused to believe in his prophethood!
The concept of Avtar is a ‘shirk’ as per Islam. All Islamic Madarsa teach books of Maulvi Md Ismail which specifically states that anyone believing in Avtars or further Prophets or Avtars as Prophets is doing ‘shirk’.
Dr Zakir Naik knows all this – that is why in FAQ on Hinduism, he refused to accept that Vedas can be revelations.
But he forgot that the material he has used to write other articles are directly lifted from Maulana Abdul Haque’s writings who agrees that Vedas are revelations. Thus  proving Prophet in Vedas or Bhavishya Puran is fine with Ahmadiyyas because that is how they justify prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad also.
But for all other Muslims, on whose faith popularity of Dr Zakir Naik rests, this is ‘shirk’.
While these writings do not affect Hindus or even Buddhists, Christians etc much, they definitely backstab a devout Muslim.
In summary, Dr Zakir Naik is guilty of :
a. Copying directly, even word to word, from works of Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi, an Ahmadiyya without even quoting his references
b. Using his own name instead to falsely proclaim that he is expert on comparative religion
c. Cheating with other Muslims who consider Ahmadiyya and their beliefs to be worse than those of Kafirs
d. Backstabbing his blind followers who quote his works without realizing that Dr Zakir Naik has made them a sacrificial goat at mercy of Qadianis/ Ahmadiyyas.
e. Trying to prove Vedas and Puran contain revelations of Muhammad but also refusing to clear admit Vedas as revelations. Thus he has deliberately not made clear whether in reality Dr Zakir Naik is a Qadiyani or not
It seems obvious that Dr Zakir Naik is actually a Qadiyani/Ahmadiyya in disguise trying to fool common Muslims. But why does he need to put this disguise? is it because Ahmadiyyas are persecuted in all Muslim countries? Or is it that he is a spy with some other hidden agenda. Or perhaps, the way he claims to have discovered new researches in Quran that even Allah, Muhammad, Ali et al could not discover, he is laying foundation of his own Prophethood!
Only Dr Zakir Naik knows what is the real truth and what is his true mission. But his backstabbing has left his blind followers nowhere. Either they will have to admit to Ahmadiyya beliefs, which is the complete foundation of his writings and ‘research’ or regret their faith in Dr Zakir Naik being a Muslim.
And as per Islamic Criminal Law, that Dr Zakir Naik is such a great fan of, he himself can decide what should be the most appropriate punishment for him. Sharia says that a thief’s hands should be chopped off. Hadiths say that one who deserts his faith or community should be killed. This is time to test how sincere are Dr Zakir Naik and Muslims who have followed him so far, to the teachings of their own divine texts.
I am attaching the scan of the book with this post so that everyone can see Dr Zakir Naik’s fraud with his own people themselves. You can download original here.

You can view (not-so) original article(s) of Dr Zakir Naik at IRF website: http://www.irf.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=145&Itemid=128 to compare with the original.

I am attaching the scan of the book with this post so that everyone can see
Dr Zakir Naik’s fraud with his own people themselves. You can download
original here.<http://www.scribd.com/doc/24693331/Zakir-Naik-s-Qadiyani-source-for-r…>